Pet Boarding in AlhambraPet Boarding

When it’s time for your family vacation or even just a weekend getaway, where will you send your pet? At West Main Animal Hospital in Alhambra, pet boarding is one of the many pet care services we provide, because we believe it’s better for your pet to stay with someone you know you can trust! We offer a variety of pet boarding amenities at our animal hospital to ensure that your pet has what they need and gets the care they deserve.

Pet Boarding Amenities

When your pet stays with us, you can expect them to receive kind, compassionate care and attention. Each animal is checked on continuously and fed twice per day. Pets will be fed the food that we provide unless they are on a special diet. In this case, we recommend that their food be supplied to us with serving sizes specified. Dogs are exercised under the supervision of our staff in our enclosed, outdoor area at least 3 times a day. If your dog enjoys playing with toys, our staff can play with them.

Features of eat pet’s boarding space are:

  • 3×6 foot runs for dogs
  • 24×24 inch and 24×48 inch cages for cats
  • Skylights in all areas
  • Separate dog and cat boarding areas

Contact us to schedule your pet’s boarding visit at our Alhambra animal hospital.