Meet Our Veterinary Team in Alhambra

Dr. Laszlo Frics, DVM

Dr. Frics was born in Hungary and moved to the U.S. when he was a very young boy.  As he grew up on a ranch in South Dakota, his love for animals began.  His foundation with medicine came from his father who was a well-respected large animal veterinarian in the Midwest. After graduating from the University of Minnesota Veterinary School, he moved to California.  In 1981 Dr. Frics purchased the Wilson Veterinary Clinic.  In 1994 the clinic went through a 2 year remodeling process and was transformed into what is now known as West Main Animal Hospital.

Dr. Frics enjoys every facet of veterinary medicine and continues to progress with the profession.  Dr. Frics has made it a point to make a lot of lifetime friendships with his clients who without them he would not be a success.

Dr. Frics also enjoys reading, gardening, photography, and classic cars.  He and his wife live in Pasadena with their beloved dogs, cats, birds and horses.

Dr. Scott Sloan, DVM

In remembrance of Dr. Scott A. Sloan – Veterinarian and beloved member of the San Gabriel community since 1983.

Dr. Sloan attended UCLA where he received both his Bachelor of Science and Masters Degree in Zoology before entering UC Davis’ renowned School of Veterinary Medicine where he was the first deaf student admitted into the program. His admittance paved the way for those who followed and continue to follow to this day. Additionally, as a mark of his achievement, Dr. Sloan  accepted an internship at UPenn’s prestigious School of Veterinary Medicine and did a residency at UC Davis.

He was an Associate Veterinarian at both Vanderhoof Veterinary Hospital and West Main Animal Hospital where he dedicated himself to what he loved most – surgery. He spent countless hours in surgery always putting the needs of his patients before his own. He also contributed his expertise and skills to the San Gabriel Humane Society.

For 35 years, he focused on making a difference in one animal’s life at a time. His devotion to both the animals and the profession was unsurpassed and did not go unnoticed. He is and will continue to be extremely missed by all, but his contributions and impact on the lives of animals and the veterinary community will never be forgotten.

Donations in honor of Dr. Sloan may be made to:
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine P.O. Box 1167 Davis, CA 95617
Please write on check: Scott A. Sloan Award in Veterinary Medicine
And to San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, 851 E. Grand Ave., San Gabriel, CA  91776.

Scott A Sloan DVM with his dogScott A Sloan DVM