International Health Certificates in Alhambra, CAInternational Health Certificates in Alhambra

Are you taking a trip out of the country and bringing your pet with you? It is important for all traveling pet owners to be aware of the requirements for properly transporting your pet across national borders. It is important that you do your research to make sure that you have all the information about your pet’s requirements. It is your responsibility as the pet owner and your pet’s travel companion to ensure that you obtain the list of requirements for your pet’s trip. At our animal hospital in Alhambra, pet travel international health certificates will help you to meet those requirements for successful travel with your pet.

Resources for Pet Travel

Below is a list of the most important resources for your pet’s international health certificates. We recommend that you review all of the resources below so that you recognize all of your pet’s needs in association with your travel plans.

If you have questions or are planning a trip with your pet, please review these resources and contact us for assistance.